I Help Small(ish) Agencies Play Big to break through the $1 million barrier, $2 million barrier, $3 million barrier …. and claw back time, fun and peace of mind!

Hi, I’m Scott Anderson. I started a small agency (advertising, PR, media, design, branding, digital), grew it over 25 years, and sold it five years ago for a premium. Sounds simple right? 

But as we both know, running a small agency is not for the faint of heart. 
Perhaps like you, I struggled with cash flow, employees, toxic clients, and work-life balance which somehow never quite balanced. 
“Struggle” is an understatement. 
But my single biggest problem was generating a consistent flow of great prospective clients. I hated sales and had no time to focus on it anyway. So when the rent was due, we lunged into bursts of desperate sales activity — and had to settle for clients took advantage of our desperation with low fees, scope creep (and all around creepiness).
It was a vicious cycle.
But in the tenth year of our agency, we had a breakthrough. We discovered a system that solved these problems, that reliably delivered great clients, made us consistently very profitable, and made running an agency fun again.
“Get Paid to Pitch” is the system that made all this possible. And I am passionate about sharing it with agency owners like you, to make agency life fun again – and to give you more time and resources to make life outside the agency more fun as well.